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Our Team

Welcome to the heart of Nature Nurture Retreats – our dedicated team. United in our passion for holistic wellness, each member brings unique expertise and a shared commitment to enrich your retreat experience.

Katie Hailey Singing Bowls

Nette Dalton

The Yang

Nette Dalton, co-founder and 'The Yang' of Nature Nurture Retreats, brings over 20 years of yoga and bodywork expertise. Trained by globally renowned experts, she excels in advanced yoga, structural bodywork, and personal training.


Nette's teaching style uniquely blends these disciplines, fostering a profound understanding of the human body and its connection to mind and breath. Her classes are tailored for all, focusing on empowerment, fun, and holistic well-being, ensuring a safe and transformative experience for every participant.

Tina the Chef - Nature Nurture Retreats

Katie Hailey

The Yin

Katie Hailey, co-founder and the essence of 'The Yin' at Nature Nurture Retreats, is dedicated to holistic wellness. Her serene approach fosters a nurturing space for exploring yin yoga, heartfelt ceremonies, and meditative practices.


Katie embodies our ethos of holistic healing, creating tranquil havens for disconnecting from life's hustle and reconnecting with oneself. With her adept integration of mindfulness in yoga, she guides each individual towards a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Nette Dalton - Nature Nurture Retreats


The Chef

Meet Tina, 'The Chef' at Nature Nurture Retreats, whose culinary expertise is matched by her passion for Pilates and Yoga. Formerly running her own studio and café on the Isle of Wight, Tina brings a unique blend of wellness and gastronomy to our retreats.


Specialising in Ayurvedic cuisine, she crafts dishes that are both a sensory delight and a nourishing feast for the body. With Tina's culinary creations, expect meals that perfectly complement our retreats' holistic ethos.

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